Monday, July 11, 2005

Linking CRM analysis to performance

  • Can you really get more benefits from your CRM system?

    “Linking CRM analysis to performance”

    Perhaps you have recently invested, or your company plan to invest in a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system?

    Do you know the real return on investment of this project? In Financial words, are you able to compute the Net Present Value (NPV) of this investment?

    Would you like to significantly increase this return on investment?

    Another question would be: do you experience one of the following symptoms, though your CRM system is up and running since more than one year:

    • Difficulties to quantify market segments value
    • Difficulties to achieve sales forecasts with a reasonable accuracy
    • Difficulties to understand what makes your customers buy
    • Difficulties to take strategic sales and marketing decisions
    • Difficulties to allocate sales resources on new and existing market segments

    This list is of course not exhaustive.

    If your answer is yes, the long term consequences for your company will be:

    1. Lack of growth and profitability
    2. Impossibility to get the full benefits of your CRM system

    From our business experience, we were wondering about the usefulness of a methodology that can use very basic information from your CRM system in order to allow:

    • Quantification of each target segment and each target market
    • Better knowledge on current customers and what make them buy
    • Better capacity to forecast
    • Strategic planning simplified
    • Better handling of sales effort
    • Driving successful integrated marketing campaigns

    We in fact developed such a methodology, We found it incidentally in the scope of our MBA project (a strategy assessment of a firm). The methodology is so powerful that the results obtained even surprised us. This is why we decided to publish this blog.

    From the breakthrough mentioned above, we crafted a method that we called the QF-CRM methodology. QF-CRM methodology stands for “Quantitative Factor Customer Record Methodology”. The methodology can help any company in any industry that want to achieve at least one of the following objective:

    • Quantification of any target segment and any target market
    • Better knowledge on current customers and what make them buy
    • Build a better forecast system
    • Craft a reliable Strategic planning
    • Want a Better handling of sales effort
    • Drive successful integrated marketing campaigns

    If you are interested by any one of the aspects motioned above, this blog is for you. We will try to answer your questions as long as the blog will be enriched. Don’t hesitate to contact us; a link to our e-mail address is supplied at the end of each article.

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