Friday, July 01, 2005

Presentation of this Blog

Hello, my name is Didier Gaultier. Welcome on this blog about CRM and statistics.

I am going to present myself first. I am a Sales and Marketing professional, with 15 years of experience in the IT and Telecom industry.
I just finished an international MBA at IFAM business school. In the scope of any MBA, we have a thesis project to complete within usually three months. The subject chosen was “A New CRM Leverage methodology using advanced Statistics”.
IFAM decided that two students should be assigned to this project because of the quantity of work and the difficulty. My MBA Colleague Edi Perisic, accepted to join, and we created a Team project. During the project, we have made some breakthroughs that conducted us to register the methodology found and publish some part of it on this blog.
Very often Statistics are considered as a boring subject, our challenge is to make it live and interesting. If you are in any way involved in Marketing, Sales, or Finance, this blog may interest you and make you earn a lot of money. Good reading and thank you for being connected with us.

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A new Business approach

Hello, my name is Edi Perisic. First of all, thank you for your interest to this site.

I am going to present myself briefly. Graduated from a French Engineer College ENSTA, I have worked for 10 years as responsible and director of development for two international corporations in gas and heating areas in Eastern Europe.

I have just finished the international MBA program of IFAM Business School in Paris. In the framework of this high level program, I joined my MBA Colleague, Didier Gaultier to work on a challenging project.

During the last three months, we have developed together, a new “CRM methodology using Advanced Statistics”, and we obtained quite surprising results when we applied this innovative methodology to one business sector.

Thanks to Didier and my various business experiences, we hope to give a new dimension to statistics in CRM and more broadly to market research.

Nowadays, managers are confronted with profit and internal resources optimization problems. For that, they need some new approaches combining qualitative and quantitative analysis, where external environment and human factor are taken into account.

We hope that the new developed methodology will help them to reach their objectives.

Good reading.

MBA project awards and acknowledgements

My Colleague EDI Perisic and I are very proud to be part of the project that received the award of:

"Best MBA project 2005"

We would like to acknowledge in return our customer’s Senior VP & General Manager Europe who actively supported this project by helping us to collect the necessary data, invested some personal time, and encouraged us throughout this project.

We would like also to acknowledge Mrs. M.F. Joseph (IFAM’s Dean) who was our advisor for this thesis and for the very helpful and pertinent advises that she delivered to us throughout our research work and Mrs. Alexandra Joseph for her help on some strategy questions.

A special thank also to all our IFAM professors and for their help during this research, in Particular:

  • Mr. Bernard Fevry (Finance),
  • Mrs. Marie-France Derhy (Statistics),
  • Mr. Christophoros Lambridis (Organizational Behavior and Human Resources),
  • Mr. Philip Bloom (Global Business Policy).

Thank you also for all people that supported our work directly or indirectly, our classmates and our families.

About IFAM Business School

IFAM's Mission

IFAM’s mission is to make world business leaders of their students, by delivering the highest quality management education to a diverse and talented group of graduate and undergraduate students.

What make IFAM sure that they can fulfill their mission? Let's say that several attributes distinguish IFAM from many otherwise similar institutions. These include:

Its location in the heart of Paris, Europe's cultural, economic, and communications center.

  • An academic tradition that combines scholarly excellence with continuing interaction with business leaders and current management issues.
  • A culture that is based on merit and that is congenial to people of widely varying ethnicities, and national backgrounds.
  • A tradition and commitment to the importance of a global perspective and ethical behavior in the conduct of business.

In order to fulfill this mission IFAM adopted several rules: excellence, coherence, focus, innovation, and communication. Those are the issues that win the race in the world that evolves from day to day.

MBA Programs

MBA programs of IFAM were one of the first to be developed in France.

IFAM seeks to prepare its graduate students for higher responsibilities in business and particularly for management decisions adapted to the international business world.

IFAM has created two MBA fulltime programs, entirely taught in English, to answer actual need of its undergraduate students as of those from other universities who want to get an international perspective to their education.

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